Monday, February 23, 2009

The Cookbook Project: Recipe 5

Book: Kyra's Secrets of Russian Cooking (1961)
Author: Kyra Petrovskaya
Recipe: Spicy Chicken Casserole (Tchakhokhbili)
Page: 98/99

Came from: My grandmother's cookbook collection.

Why this recipe: According to Kyra, this was a favorite dish of "the late" Josef Stalin and technically the dish was ripped off from the Georgians. I liked the story behind it.

Main ingredients: Chicken, onions, tomatoes, stock, lemon and dill.

Process: Brown the chicken in a dutch oven, add all ingredients except lemon and dill, and slow cook for about an hour. Quite simple.

Outcome: A very good and hearty meal for a cold and snowy Sunday evening (which it was!). The chicken was super tender and the simple, basic ingredients made for a very fresh and flavorful dish. I loved the lemon and dill added at the end. The funny part is that the only "spice" to the dish was "salt and pepper, according to taste." There was nothing spicy about this dish! I guess the Russians have a very low threshold for heat;)

Make again? Yeah, I would, but would add some actual spice!

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