Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Finally inspired.

It figures.  Just as orders start rolling in, I get inspired to create new designs.  This doesn't happen when I have down time.  Nope.  Just when I get busy.  Well, I guess you just have to roll with it.  And that I did.  New, bamboo cards!

$15/box of 6.

Monday, August 22, 2011

New addition to our furniture family.

The last coffee table we bought was in 1995.  We were furnishing our "new" apartment on Connecticut Avenue in Washington, DC.  It was part of a futon set, which remarkably we still have and has held up great over the years.  It currently lives in our basement turned family room.  The only other coffee table we've owned was a hand-me-down from my grandmother.  It was very traditional with a leather top and gold detailing.  Really not our style.  We got rid of it about a year ago and have not replaced it.  Until yesterday. 

We had been looking online on and off for a while, found a few things we liked, but nothing really jumped out at us.  We weren't even sure what style or shape we wanted.  Then Saturday we decided that we really needed to find a table, it was time to get our living room into shape!  My husband suggested the cool antique shop, not far from us, where we had purchased an old church pew.  Most of their pieces are made from reclaimed barn wood. So, after a quick trip to Antiques on Washington, we have a new addition...

Indeed it is made from reclaimed barn wood which came from central PA.  The man who runs the store also builds the furniture, so not only is it recycled, but it's also made locally!  It fits perfectly in the space and is just the right scale. We couldn't be happier with our purchase.  Now for a new dining room set...

Note to self:  Please get some new pillows for the sofa.  Thanks.

Friday, August 12, 2011


There's nothing better than a homemade turkey club.  Traditionally, the sandwich is made with a third piece of bread, but I find that to be a bit excessive and somewhat challenging to eat.  To me, the perfect club will have just the right ratio of turkey, crispy bacon, cheese (I like American), ripe red tomato, crunchy iceberg lettuce and a healthy (read: unhealthy) dose of mayo all between two slices of lightly  toasted wheat bread.

One word:  Yum!

Thursday, August 11, 2011

The Travel Blues.

Summer.  For most, this means vacation.  Traveling to fun-filled destinations, warm beaches, exotic locales or home to see the family.  For us, it means staying put.  We put so much time and energy into our vast vegetable garden that we can't bear to leave it as we might (literally) miss the fruits of our labor.  Nor do we want to burden others with the arduous task of watering.  So, we wait patiently until the Fall.  Meanwhile, what not a better time to reminisce...

Caribbean Sunset
Bet you can't guess where I am.

Napa Valley
Quebec City
St. Croix


Monday, August 08, 2011

Black Eyed Susan

One not yet eaten by the groundhogs, which have devastated our Shasta daisies and other Black Eyed Susans. They are quite a menace!  It got so bad a couple years ago that we had to put electric fencing all around our vegetable garden.