Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Last day of 2008...really?!

Man, oh man...I have been really bad about updating my blog. Sheesh. I guess a few trips late in the year and some holiday guests are partially to blame. I also took some time off to regroup and reorganize...I had a busy (and fun!) 2008.

Looking forward to 2009 with a new cooking project, that will tie into my recipe card line, and of which I will be blogging about (it's going to be cool, I promise). New products, designs and collage projects are a given and hopefully some more arts/craft shows (as I claimed for 2008). I will also be able to delve into the world of archival prints and preprinted goods with my new fancy-pants printer which means the possibilities are endless!

I wish everyone a healthy, fun and creative 2009!