Thursday, October 22, 2009


Is it just me, or are cupcakes really "in" right now? And why wouldn't they be, they are little bits of goodness. I've come across so many recipes that have gone beyond the plain ol' chocolate or yellow types of yesteryear. So, here I go jumping on the cupcake bandwagon!

Recipe cards and set of FREE gift tags are here.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

One year ago today...

...we were enjoying our first full day in Berlin. I still can't believe it's been a year. Time sure flies...

What's left of the Wall.

Berliner Dom

Brandenburg Gate

Who doesn't love a funny little truck, especially one that sells pizza!

Friday, October 16, 2009

Autumn Inspired :: Golden Tree Stationery

Inspiration ::

Result ::

New, in Etsy shop.

Thursday, October 15, 2009


Not sure how I got figs on the brain, but I did. There's something appealing about their shape and color. They have an exotic air about them. I printed the first image in a sage-y green then double bumped with a light eggplant color, it gives them a bit of a 3D look. Something different.

The note cards come in a pack of two with 100% recycled, kraft envelopes for $5.50. The tags are $3.50 for 5.

Thursday, October 08, 2009

In the home studio with Holly Ward Bimba of Golly Bard.

As someone who runs a full-time, creative-based business from home, I thought it would be interesting to hear from others who also work from home. There are many positive aspects to being at home, but there can also be some drawbacks. On one hand it's so great to work in your pj's and on the other hand it's not so great to work in your pj's!

My second interview is with the very talented Holly of Golly Bard. When I came across a listing on Etsy, I was an instant fan. Her nature-inspired work is chock full of whimsy, textural detail and pattern all with a very organic feel. You can't help but be drawn into her lovely, unique world.

And away we go...

1. First, please introduce yourself.
Hello, I’m Holly Ward Bimba. I am a full time artist. I work from my home studio in Upperville, Virginia. I design my own stationery, do freelance work as well as create paintings for my shop on Etsy, Golly Bard.

2. Please describe your art; what is your creative process and what inspires you.
I paint with watercolor. It is my favorite medium. I am inspired by: natural history, the weather, insects, bugs, birds, patterns, wallpaper and anatomy. These days I find myself observing the world around me.

3. What is a typical day for you? Do you keep to a strict routine or is your day fairly fluid?
I get up really early. Tea or espresso is a must. I do my best painting before noon. I absolutely need natural light. I listen to music while I work. I usually make a big mess and my work sprawls onto every available surface. My dog actually keeps me on a schedule because she has an amazing internal clock! I try to paint every day. I take a break to walk the dog twice a day. I often bring my camera with me. In the afternoon I do office work and whatever else needs doing.

4. How do you avoid distraction (ie laundry, house keeping, errands, non work related phone calls, etc)? Or do you tend to give in?
Life interferes and I let it. That is the advantage of working from home. Actually, I am easily distracted. I love distractions.

5. Does working from home affect your art in any way?
Yes, I work a lot smaller. I also think I create more because I can leave things out and get right back to work when I am inspired. There are fewer barriers between my work and me.

6. How do you transition from "work" to "home"? Are you able to close your studio door and walk away for the evening? Is it easy for you to do?
It is hard to completely walk away. I am always thinking about something. I like to cook and so I usually stop work around dinner time. I love to read, go on outings with my hubby. I enjoy watching movies, and taking long walks. So I think I do find ways to break away.

7. Working from home can sometimes be lonely, do you miss working with other people such as in an office environment? Or do you usually interact with people (in person) during your day? Is this even an issue for you?
I love working alone. I see people, talk to people every day, so I still feel connected.

8. Please describe your studio space (is it a spare room in your home, in your garage, etc.)? Is it an inspiring space? What would you change?
It is a spare room in my house. It is tiny and utilitarian. I would love a bigger space with more light and storage.

9. In a nutshell, do you enjoy working from home? What has been your overall experience?
I love working from home, without question. I have projects that take me away from home and it is fun to get away. However, I am always glad to return home. It is a comfortable workspace and I work best from home.

10. And the million dollar you work in your pj's, shower and get dressed or something in between? (Please note, I'm currently in my pj's:)
I try not to stay in my pajamas too long, though they are cozy! The thought of someone coming to the house and seeing me looking so unkempt, motivates me to start my day, clean, freshened up, dressed. Much to my chagrin, the UPS man has seen me in my pajamas a couple of times. Oops.

Thanks so much Holly!

Please visit Holly's two Etsy shops, her artwork and stationery. And she blogs too!