Monday, February 16, 2009

The Cookbook Project: Recipe 4

Book: Best Recipes of Alaska's Fishing Lodges
Author: Adela Batin
Recipe: Red Glacier Grits
Page: 273

Came from: The Anchorage Museum Shop on a trip to Alaska in 2001.

Why this recipe: I wanted to do a Sunday brunch dish and I love me some grits!

Main ingredients: Grits, sausage, green chilies, eggs, cheese, salsa (how can you go wrong with these ingredients!)

Process: Couldn't be easier...cook the grits, mix all ingredients together, throw in a casserole dish and bake! And make sure to add plenty of cheese to the top, 'cause there's not enough mixed in...ha..mmm...

Outcome: When it first came out of the oven, it was kinda runny and somewhat non-appetizing. But, it did thicken as it cooled and was then easier to dish out. It was very, very tasty albeit rich. It was definitely a hearty Alaskan breakfast!

Make again? I would, but probably won't.

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