Thursday, September 27, 2007

Places I've Been: Iceland '99 & '00

Mav at port2port (wonderful blog!) mentioned Iceland in a recent post and thus inspired me to reflect upon my own travels to the fascinating country. I then decided that I would dig up my old travel photos and scan them in and share.

So, my first "Places I've Been" posting is Iceland. My husband and I along with some friends took our first trip in February of 1999. At the time, we were living in Washington, DC and could get a screaming deal out of BWI airport. Back then, Iceland was kind of an "exotic" place to go.

The landscape was like nothing I'd ever seen, you almost felt like you were on the moon with it's rocky topography. The people were very friendly and Reykjavik was very cosmopolitan. And of course we ate some interesting item on the menu was puffin!

I will be posting more of my photos on my flickr site.

photo 1: View of Reykjavik.

photo 2: Parliament Square in Reykjavik, the Capital of Iceland.

photo 3: Somewhere out on the road outside of Reykjavik.

photo 4: Gulfoss, ("Golden Falls") on the Hvítá river in southern Iceland. The river is fueled by Glacial runoff


stephanie said...

lovely pics! looks like a beautiful place!

pinkbathtub said...

Thanks Stephanie, it is a beautiful place:)

Bonghi Vestiti said...

That is one place I would love to see...beautiful
I'm from Pa too...up near Bradford if you know where that is...
My daughter use to live in Pittsburgh...great city...was there many times...go steelers!