Wednesday, April 21, 2010

In the home studio with Kristin Loganbill of Moontea Artwork.

As someone who runs a full-time, creative-based business from home, I thought it would be interesting to hear from others who also work from home. There are many positive aspects to being at home, but there can also be some drawbacks. On one hand it's so great to work in your pj's and on the other hand it's not so great to work in your pj's!

My third interview is with the very creative and talented block print artist, Kristin, of Moontea Artwork.  Working from her 20 acre farm near the Oregon coast, Kristin creates a line of beautiful greeting cards, fabric goods and hanging art.  She was kind enough to answer a few questions about working from home...

1.  First, please introduce yourself.  What keeps you busy during the day?
Hi-  I'm Kristin Loganbill, owner of Moontea Artwork.  I make hand printed paper and fabric goods. I keep busy with a million things in a day:  Drawing, carving, printing, folding paper, packaging, mailing, writing invoices, sewing, ironing..... and so on...!

2.  Please describe your art; what is your creative process and what inspires you.
Much like you, Noelle, I hand carve blocks made from my own drawings.  Sometimes I turn the carvings into silkscreen designs, and sometimes I use them, as is, to print on paper or cloth.   I am greatly inspired by what is around me in nature- leaves and flowers and birds and animals-  I also love rocks (who doesn't- right?!!).

3.  What is a typical day for you?  Do you keep to a strict routine or is your day fairly fluid?
I do try to keep a routine (maybe not so strict).  I like to take my time in the morning and not rush around- if I wanted to rush to work, I'd work for someone else- haha!

Anyway I have my morning green tea, do some yoga or pilates, then have a leisurely breakfast.  I usually start working about 10 or so.  After that I pretty much work until 10 in the evening, but of course take time to have a healthy lunch and dinner.

4.  How do you avoid distraction (ie laundry, house keeping, errands, non work related phone calls, etc)?  Or do you tend to give in?
I try not to give in to distractions, unless an emergency of course.  I get very cranky when I have distractions, so I do various things to try to avoid them. For example:  My phone is skype (computer phone) so I don't usually answer, and just return calls when I have designated time.  Also, I try to run all errands on the same day, so I am not running around distractedly, (plus I live out in the country, so I have to plan my days in town efficiently anyway).

5.  Does working from home affect your art in any way?
I think living out here on a farm gives me the inspiration I need to do my art.  We also live about a half hour from the beach which is another source of inspiration and relaxation.

6.  How do you transition from "work" to "home"?  Are you able to close your studio door and walk away for the evening?  Is it easy for you to do?
I have a separate studio, but the lines are a bit blurry.  I often "take work home".  Sometimes in the evening I'll watch a movie and sew and stuff sachets, or draw.  But most often I'm just working in my studio until bedtime.

7.  Working from home can sometimes be lonely, do you miss working with other people such as in an office environment?  Or do you usually interact with people (in person) during your day?  Is this even an issue for you?
I guess I've always been a bit of an introvert, so it doesn't bother me at all to work alone.  We frequently have friends come out for the weekends, especially in the summer months, so I do get my share of social interaction.

8.  Please describe your studio space (is it a spare room in your home, in your garage, etc.)?  Is it an inspiring space?  What would you change?
When we moved to this farm we made the tractor barn into my studio.  The floor was dirt, and there were only rafters and solid aluminum doors.  We poured a floor, put in lighting and a ceiling and put in huge glass roll-up doors.  So now there is lots of light, and I look out onto woods and fields.

9.  In a nutshell, do you enjoy working from home?  What has been your overall experience?
Oh yes!  I actually planned my life in order to work from home!  It's true I work more hours than I would if working for someone else, but it's fully worth the trade-off.  The flexibility (going to the beach on a wednesday, or gardening if it turns out to be warm) just makes it soooo worth it.  Not to mention I get to make a living doing my art!

10.  And the million dollar you work in your pj's, shower and get dressed or something in between?  (Please note, I'm currently in my pj's...LOL)
I hardly ever work in my pjs- unless it's a rainy movie day and I have work I can do in my lap....   For me, showering and dressing gets me in the work state of mind.  It might sound strange, but I even put on make-up (granted I don't wear much)  but I just like to feel clean and presentable even if just for myself!

Thank you so much Kristin!  Please visit Kristin's Etsy shop to peruse all of her wonderful goods!


Kristin Loganbill said...

Thank you, Noelle!

Ginger said...

Thanks for interviewing Kristin, and for sharing the interview, Noelle! Kristin, thanks for answering Noelle's great questions! I learned so much today about your work, and your workday.
I am LOVING social media these days!!! I feel it brings us all together... even tho we're many miles apart, doing our own separate thing, we're connected!

Anonymous said...

What a great interview. Really enjoyed the piece. Kristin Loganbill is one of my favorite artist in the world. I admire the fact that she has successfully created her own business doing exactly what she likes. It helps she is so good at it, but her drive and commitment is very inspiring.