Monday, May 14, 2007

Design-a-week: May 13

I know this is not a new concept, but I am implementing design-a-week. My intent is to come up with a new design every week. I think this will help keep my creative juices flowing as well as keep my catalog current and fresh.

So, for the week of May 13, I offer my brand new birdcage flat notes. I do so many bird related designs, but have never done a birdcage. This set is available (guess where??) in my Etsy shop and comes in three colors as a set of six. I can also do custom colors and at some point will make them into folded note cards. What do you think would be a good greeting? Perhaps a hello or thank you note? I would absolutely love your feedback!


sugarloop© said...

You are so talented! I'm gonna have to visit your etsy shop soon :)

m.Lee said...

I am liking the birdcage stamp a lot.