Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Around the studio.

I got a little distracted this morning and started taking pictures around my studio.

This is Henry, Pink Bathtub's resident goldfish and design inspiration. He was born in our pond in Portland and drove across country with us when we moved to Pittsburgh. Have you been to Wyoming? Henry has.

A small portion of my new collection of metal and wood block letters and numbers. I went a little crazy buying them on eBay. I have made some note cards and monogrammed flat notes with them which are in my Etsy shop.

My windowbox. I've got million bells, potato vine, petunias and a couple nasturtiums.

OK, time to get cracking. I am working on a few orders, including one for Paper Boat Boutique, which I am very excited about. They are all about supporting indie designers. My sister, Aubrey Hyde, also sells there. Our first store together!


ms. aubrey and mr. kurt said...

i've been to wy too, mr. henry.
like you studio pics..and thanks for your props!

Anonymous said...

Noelle, it's Alec here in Marbella Spain. i live here now. What a surprise to hear from you. I saw Greg Adams in a conference in San Fran in may and he told me you were all well. Have a wonderful summer and if you are ever in Spain, come and see me. My e mail is the same as Mark fixed me up with all those yrs ago in DC alec5@earthlink.net
Love to you both, Alec