Wednesday, December 08, 2010

Something new.

Well, new for me.  I know there are a lot of kitchen towels out there, but printing on cloth is something different in my world.  I scanned in my original, stamped image then enlarged it a bit, made gocco screens and set out to print.  Working with cloth is quite different than paper.  Getting just the right ink density is a bit of a challenge, some towels have more and others less.  But I guess that's what gives them their unique, handmade look!  These four designs are available here


patricias fabric art said...

They're gorgeous,I love the birdie one !

pinkbathtub said...

Thank you!

Fab said...

I discover your blog, and It's just gorgeous !! I make some handcarved stamps too, and I print them on fabric, but the density of your ink is particulary dense / dark, Is it ink or paint ? Because I've tried to print with paint on the stamp, but I think the motif is less précise whith paint. Congratulation for your work, it's very very beautiful !!